Welcome to Paragons Final Fantasy XIV free company

Paranoid’s casual little sister for anyone with Social Anxiety who wishes to enjoy the game at a slower pace. Age-friendly, disability-friendly, family-friendly.

Below you’ll find more information and on the three line menu above you’ll find the necessary pages to apply and our contact information.

About Paragons

Paragons was formed in 2019 primarily as a way of keeping in touch with Paranoid’s friends on Cerberus. It remained a small side-project until late in 2021, shortly after Syl stepped down from leading Paranoid FFXIV, a decision made largely in response to the pressure of taking up a new job.

That pressure and the subsequent burn-out led to a re-think about Paragons and whether there might be space for a different type of FC in our community. The result of these deliberations was that Paragons was reborn with a new name, a new set of aims and a slightly different ethos.

Our Aims

Paragons is Paranoid’s casual little sister. Our FC is also for people with Social Anxiety but it is primarily aimed at older players (30+). It would also suit anyone who finds real-life issues or responsibilities tend to interfere with their gaming to the extent that doing harder content like current Savage just isn’t an option.

The emphasis is very much on having fun in a relaxed and non-competitive environment. We aim to be age-friendly, disability friendly and accommodating to anyone with family or other responsibilities.

We still want to see as much of the game as we can and that includes group content, but we want to achieve our goals without rushing or pushing ourselves to the point where playing starts to feel like a chore.

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