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Paranoid World of Warcraft guild and Paranoid Final Fantasy XIV free company for players with Social Anxiety.

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World of Warcraft Guild

The original Paranoid guild was founded in 2011 on World of Warcraft’s Emerald Dream server.

At the time, it was unique; there were no guilds catering for people with Social Anxiety. Our founder, Mer, wasn’t sure the guild would take off. Were there other people out there like her? People feeling cut off and frustrated because so much of the game was inaccessible, or was this simply a personal problem? The steady growth of the guild over the years has proven her instincts right, there was a need.

Over the years, Paranoid’s members have shared trials and triumphs both in-game and outside. We have raided at all levels and more than fulfilled Mer’s ambition to enable everyone see the entire game, not just the parts you can solo.

For those of us who have found ‘our people’ in the guild, Paranoid has become a second family.

Paranoid Final Fantasy XIV Free Company

In August 2015 Paranoid branched out to FFXIV and set up a free company on Zodiark, Light. From small and somewhat shaky beginnings, this FC has grown into a thriving community.

Our primary aim is to enable everyone to see the entire game. The strong story element in FFXIV means group content cannot be avoided at certain points, so we strive to provide a supportive environment where people can not just see this content and progress their character but more importantly, where they can enjoy it.

Our FC has raided at both Normal and Savage levels but we cater to players of all styles. Whether your main focus is housing, collecting minions or extreme trials and raiding, you’ll find people who share your interests, but we do mean it when we say we’re ‘no pressure’, so if you just want to go solo most of the time, you are free to do so.

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Social Anxiety is something we’ve all struggled with, and for many of us, finding a safe and supportive environment in our games has been invaluable. Most of our members found group content incredibly stressful when they joined, but many of us have come to love it. For others, it is never going to be something they love, but being in Paranoid gives them the confidence to face group content when they have to.

Our Forum and Discord server provide platforms not just for sharing information about the games we play but also give us a safe space for discussing Social Anxiety in a wider context.