Apply to FFXIV

How to Apply to Paranoid FFXIV – Zodiark on Light EU

To apply to Paranoid you will need to fill in our application form as we cannot accept applications that are made only in-game. Only Paranoid’s officers will see your application and we will email you to let you know if you have been accepted.

The application isn’t a test, we just want to make sure you understand our ethos and know that this is a guild for people with Social Anxiety rather than just another ‘randomcasualsocialraidguild’.

How much or how little you say is up to you, but we can’t tell much about you as a person from applications that just say, ‘I’ve been playing since launch.’ (Yeah, we’ve had those).

If you are shy, unsure what to write or aren’t good with English, just say, we will understand 🙂