Paranoid Ethos & Rules

Our Ethos

Our community has brought us fun, friendship and above all, a sense of achievement about something almost every single one of us has struggled with, because Paranoid is for the socially awkward, the shy, the people who’d like to raid, but get a headache just thinking about all the things they could screw up.

The people who type a message to someone who’s LFM, then backspace, type, backspace, type, stare at what they’ve written, backspace again and finally go off to quest on their own. And if they do press enter, they’re relieved if they get the reply, ‘Sorry, full’.

The people who freak out at the thought of grouping with strangers (or even guildies). The people who don’t like talking in guild/FC Chat. The people who are actually quite lively in chat, but cannot handle voice. The people who would like to see all the game content, not just the stuff you can solo, or who would like to solo but without others trying to pressure them into grouping/talking/whatever.

Paranoid is a no-pressure community. We don’t care if you make a mistake that wipes the group (seriously, we’re too busy worrying about our own mistakes), and we won’t think badly of you if you suddenly need a break because you can’t take it any more.

We’ve brought a bunch of people together who get this. Really get it. We know exactly what you mean when you say, ‘I’m out of social energy. I have to go’ or ‘I need to turn off Company Chat for a while’.

We welcome members with Social Anxiety and also their friends (under certain conditions) and supporter-alts from other free companies.

Non-SA members may join providing they have some understanding of Social Anxiety and have read our ethos.

Our Rules

Be excellent to one another!

We would leave it at that but since it’s a little short on detail, here is the expanded version.

This is not a comprehensive list, just because something isn’t mentioned here, that doesn’t mean you can do it; use common sense when deciding if something is acceptable or not.

We do believe in giving second chances (though not for serious rule breaches), but if you receive two official warnings regarding either your behaviour or your attitude, then be aware that a third incident will warrant a kick.


Respect not only the guild/free company but your game’s community as a whole. The way our members behave reflects on all of us.

The following behaviours are strictly forbidden while wearing our name above your head.

  • Ninja looting (including in PUGs)*
  • Harassment or bullying of other players
  • Subjecting anyone to prejudicial abuse of any kind
  • Shouting matches or unfounded defamation of any player

N.B. These rules apply to all platforms (Discord, Reddit, forums etc.) not just in-game.

*There are differing interpretations of ‘Need’ and ‘Greed’ in the general community. If you are unsure about this, please ask an officer. FF Members can find more information on how we do things in FFXIV here: FC Loot Rules.


We take our members’ privacy seriously.

WoW logs, FFlogs etc.

  • Members may not upload public logs from any guild/FC event
  • For non-guild/FC runs involving other members, you may post but permission must be asked first


  • We prefer members to stream on a non-guild/FC character
  • If you wish to stream content where other guild/FC members are present, consent must be obtained first
  • The chat log must be obscured at all times
  • Members’ names should be either hidden or shortened to initials

Any complaints regarding Paranoid members can be addressed to either the GM or any officer.

Any complaints regarding an officer should be addressed to the GM of the relevant game.

In all cases, the GM’s decision is final.