Paranoid had its Musical Episode in FF XIV

Sunday was the day of The Bards and the Bees, a very special event that brought a large crowd to the mosh pit. Eva, our Grand Minister of Social Events, was joined by two extraordinary guest hosts, Cin and Misa, for a terrific musical game that put every participant’s geekiness to the (blind) test. For one evening, the basement of the company house was turned into a covid-friendly version of your favourite Friday night pub. In the spirit of fairness, every group was assigned its own Person Who Really Knows A Lot Of Song Titles, and the game could begin!

We played four rounds of Name that tune, for a total of 32 songs interpreted live on stage. Guided by Cin’s harp and Misa’s cheers, we re-explored our favourite themes from Final Fantasy XIV obviously, but also the FF franchise (from the Main theme of FF1 to Zanarkand), classic video games tunes (which saw the emergence of a suspiciously strong Bubble Bobble cult inside the company), and Disney as a bonus round for parents and/or children at heart.

As for all our social events, all members could also win a prize that ranged from rare minions to bardings to furnitures, to the always popular 1 million gil grand prize!

We were overjoyed to see so many members join the event, and we hope to see you all next time!