We Went Full FC For The Last Nier Raid

Patch 5.5 brought the conclusion of the Nier x FFXIV collaboration, with the last Alliance Raid of this expansion: The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. For this exceptional event, the Company was able to achieve something amazing : a full FC run! On this Wednesday, 24 members aggregated and formed an O R B and saved Eorzea from the perils of a machine invasion and? little girls in red? and… public transportation?

The company has been very active recently with a lot of new comers, and we’re happy that so many of you wanted to join us for this exhilarating event. If you missed this week’s run, we’ll be back at it next week, with a special twist: a Chicken Run where everybody will bring their chicken suit (that you can get for free after a quick quest at Gridania with the Hatching-tide seasonal event)! More info on the Events page for our members!

And a big thanks to Loredana, Linea, S’eraia, Eliama, Kazih’a, F’eri and Aelin for their screenshots! Here’s a few:

We kindly ask our members to not take “blind run” as literally next time.
2b was delighted to have so many fans join here in her quest.
We suspect some members just came to show off their glam and frankly we’re all for it you’re all gorgeous.
It was a long run, some people needed to take a nap, and that’s okay.
… sometimes a lot of people needed a nap at the same time and that’s okay too.
A stray cat also joined us, please contact us if you know its owner.