Dragonflight is here!

The time has finally come for us to say goodbye to Shadowlands and embark on the shores of the Dragon Isles, and it’s clear there’s much excitement in the air for what we have ahead of us. Best of luck to everyone facing new foes in dungeons, petting ducks in the Ohn’aran Plains and the speed demons racing on their drakes. The Vault of the Incarnates opens up on December 14th, hope to have you all join us for even more fun then!

During the pre-patch of Dragonflight, Paranoid has also been catching up on achievement runs in the Shadowlands as a last hurrah for the expansion. Here’s us looking very cool with our new mounts!

Good job everyone, see you all in the Dragon Isles!

The end of Shadowlands and our new journey to The Dragon Isles

Everyone in Paranoid is beyond excited for the announcement and release of Dragonflight. While we’re waiting to find out when we can sink our draconic teeth into the new expansion, we have Season 4 of Shadowlands to keep us busy. We’re now hard at work clearing bosses in all of Shadowland’s raids and claiming their treasure once again and having a blast doing it. With Shadowlands largely now behind us this is a good opportunity to showcase our guild’s triumphs these couple years!

Fangs for the memories, Denathrius

Some say still to this day we have members lost within the walls of Castle Nathria, unable to find where any bosses are and cursed to aimlessly wander forever.

One can only hope Thrall and Jaina have laid their bridge builder ambitions to rest

After what felt like hundreds of attempts and however many hours and nights, I don’t think any of us has ever been more relieved by a boss victory than the fall of Sylvanas.

A characteristically robotic performance from Zovaal

It was very devilish of The Jailer to employ our greatest weakness against us: falling down holes and being defeated by gravity. Thankfully for us not even falling down holes all night was going to stop us from getting our goodies and achievements and he was swiftly dispatched!

Well done to all the raiders from Paranoid on achieving Curve for every raid of Shadowlands! We hope to see both new and familiar faces and excited to see what they have in store for us!